Monthly Donation Levels

  Level One                 $30/monthly

  Level Two                  $50/monthly

  Level Three               $100/monthly

One time donations are always welcome and much appreciated, but for the Tios/Tias program we would like to request a one-year comittment due to the relational aspect of the program.

Tios & Tias

come,  be family

Remember your favorite aunt or uncle?  The one you looked forward to seeing, the one who always made you laugh?  The one who remembered your birthday, and loved you through the ugly duckling stage of life?  Now you can become that favorite aunt or uncle to a child who needs YOU! 

Our Tios & Tias (Uncles & Aunts) program provides a way for you to become personally involved in a child's life.  At Casa de Mi Familia, the children rarely have their birth parents, or their extended family, in their lives.  Because the children do not have this, they are missing the inter-familial connections that help them to be secure in the knowledge that they are loved, to help them learn important aspects of life, and to give them that "otherness" that enriches life.

Through the Tios & Tias program, you can be part of the extended family for a child who needs you!  You may communicate with the child, and the child will communicate with you.  Your communication methods can be old-school: letter writing, cards, photographs.  Or you may bring it new-school: e-mail or facebook.  And, with google translate, you don't even need to speak Spanish.

Upon enrollment, you will be given the birth date of the child you've chosen.  You may send birthday gifts, and at Christmas we will post wish lists for each child.  If you like, you can play favorite Tia or Tio and provide a Christmas gift for your "niece" or "nephew". You will receive regular communication from the child, periodic photographs, and updates on what is happening in the child's life.  And you are always invited to visit!

There are just three easy steps to becoming a Tio or Tia.  First, click on "Members of the Family".  Look through the photos and choose the child you'd like to be in your family.  If you'd like to be a Tia or Tio to a child who needs you most, just let us know and we'll chose for you.  Second, click on the "Donate Now"  button.  Enter the amount of your monthly donation.  Click on the box for a "recurring" donation.  Then let us know which child you've chosen as family.  Third, welcome your new niece or nephew into your family!